The holistic care

Our salon welcomes you to its quaint wellbeing and beauty area. Cécile is a specialist in holistic care. Before she was a ballet dancer, then a teacher of both ballet and modern jazz. She then specialized in holistic body care. She is a body and feel lover. She has been working for Victoria Coiffure for over 15 years.

The Holistic Therapy is the art of taking care of the human body as a whole. The body is made up of physical envelopes (biology) and energy(acupuncture meridians network, centers of strength). The spirit is made up of the emotional sphere in conjunction with the mental faculties. In the holistic approach, the skills are mixed between social skills and know-how. Thus, Cécile harmoniously switches between theory and practice.

The holistic body care approach caters to your specific needs: aesthetics, circulation, muscle relaxation and psychosomatic and/or energy harmonization. The contact is physical, energy and psychosomatic…

By using the high quality products of Décléor, Cécile offers the following care services for the holistic wellbeing sessions:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • *Slimming* drainage massage
  • Muscle massage
  • California massage
  • Full body exfoliation
  • Algotherapy
  • Foot reflexology
  • Psychosomatic massage
  • Improved posture
  • Breuss massage
  • Chakra harmonization

A complete holistic session lasts between 1h and 1h15mn according to the client’s requirements 165.-