LPG, the facial care Endermolift

Adapted for men and women, The Endermolift LPG care was created to help the stimulation of skin cell renewal of and protection from external factors (oxidation). This 100% natural anti-aging technique enables the restoration of your skin’s density in order to erase signs of aging. The results are evident from the first session!

  • 80% Plumped skin
  • + 46% Supple skin
  • + 21% Smoothed wrinkles
  • x 2 Radiant complexion

This treatment generally involves three steps: Our qualified expert will determine with you the objectives of your visit. A personal consultation is carried out in order to choose the care services most suitable to your needs. Then comes the treatment step.

Several treatments are possible according to your specific needs:


Stress, pollution, lack of sleep, tobacco are just some of the many infallible factors which contribute to dulling your skin: your lymphatic system becomes compromised leading to the accumulation of toxins in your bloodstream. The skin, in turn, loses its radiance and the complexion becomes uneven.

Treatment action:

Thanks to the micro-beats on the surface of your face and your neck, your skin is exfoliated and is soft again thanks to the unique stimulation by LPG. As a result your skin breathes again and your complexion is restored.


After the first session, the complexion is twice as radiant and the surface of your skin is softer. You will look radiant for an evening or a particular event!


Over the years, your skin looses its firmness and tonicity, the eyelids lose elasticity and the creases near your mouth (wrinkles of the smile) are widening.

Treatment action:

The endermology® technique reactivates the cell metabolism thanks to sequential stimulations enabling the face fibers to produce collagen and elastin again: two substances responsible for the firmness and the elasticity of the skin.


Gradually, the skin regains its firmness for a natural and lasting lift effect. The oval shape of the face is redefined with more distinct contours.


After 25 years, the substances essential to the skin; youth, collagen (for resistance), the elastin (for the elasticity) and the hyaluronic acid are released in significantly inferior amounts by the fibroblast.

Treatment action:

Real skin fitness, the endermology® wakes up the fibroblast, the key cell for youth. This stimulation reactivates the natural anti-age processes: Production of a new collagen of high quality, elimination of the degraded collagen fragments to detoxify the skin, acceleration of the synthesis of elastin (+ 46 %) for a more resistant skin with several muscle micro-contractions often responsible for “expression lines”, synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid (+ 80 %) all serve to re-densify the skin and eliminate the wrinkles.


The skin is visibly redensified and pulped from the inside. The signs of aging fade preserving the natural expression of the face.


The double chin is never desireable as it deforms facial features. Not attractive in either men or women and both are susceptible to it’s effects.

Treatment action:

Thanks to the different settings of the treatment head LPG, the endermology® technique stimulates the adipocytes (fat cells) to reduce the imprisoned fat. This technique enables the redefining of the contours of the oval shape thanks to its firming action for a natural firming effect.


Your face is visibly slimmed and has its radiant volumes back. Finally, to reinforce the effects of this treatment, it is recommended to have one session per month and to use the LPG technical care treatments suggested for your own personal program. We encourage you to experience this treatment in our salon Victoria Coiffure and we hope it will satisfy your needs.