[ INNOVATION 2017 ] Kérastase launched their first connected brush!

A world-leading concept to revolutionize hair care! The luxurious brand Kérastase have utilized new technology whereby the user can now monitor the state of their hair via specific sensors on the brush.

This invention is surprisingly effective and practical. Kérastase, in partnership with Withings, leader of the connected health revolution, collectively launched Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings. The brush received the CES innovation award. It is vital that you monitor the health of your hair to maintain your hair’s beauty.

The brush connects to your smartphone so it can successfully track your hair’s health over a period of time. Become a part of the revolution!

How do you measure the health of your hair?

The sensors enable you to measure the dryness of your hair, the health of the cuticles, the resistance of the hair in order to avoid hair break and know where the sebum on your hair is to avoid knots.

The quality of your brushing?

Maybe your brushing technique is not adapted to the health of your hair. The brushing gestures are very important. If you adopt a fast rhythm or sudden movements and if you brush your hair too often, your hair can suffer as a result. That is why obtaining professional advice is essential in order to understand and improve your brushing habits.

A home coach?

Who has never dreamed about having their very own personal coach at home? You just need to connect your phone to Bluetooth® Low Energy or Wi-Fi. The application is compatible with iOS and Android.

In order to collect the precious data, just brush your hair and the process will start. You then will receive a complete analysis of your hair's health at home.

Like a football coach, you will receive the hair cares in order to remedy different identified problems regarding your daily hair routine.