Adopt the Hair Contouring!

L’Oréal Professionnel took inspiration from the makeup technique countouring and applied the same principles to haircolor.

This is not a radical color transformation but this very precise technique subtly creates an elegant transformation. This is a mix of several well-known techniques like the balayage. The expert portrays an optical illusion by visually transforming the shape and the proportions of your face. The colorist applies the color strand by strand with a contrast between light and shadow creating nuances of tone.

The bright tone will illuminate the hair and add volume depending of the zones. If you have a round or square face the aim is to soften, slim and/or lengthen your face.

Here are some Hair Contouring examples according to your current hair color:

Dark blond: mix between a brown ombré tone and a golden blond tone.

Copper blond: mix between a copper ombré tone and a copper blond tone.

Light brown: mix between a brown ombré tone and a dark blond tone.

Dark brown: mix between a black brown tone and a brown tone.

If you adopt this kind of haircolor , don’t forget that you will be the only one wearing it because the result will be completely different on each person. It is a tailor-made haircolor.